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There’s no place like (outside your) home

As a homeowner, sometimes the last thing on your mind is the current state of your yard or outdoor living space. That’s where our team of professionals comes in. No matter the task, we can find a budget-friendly solution to any and all of your residential lawn and landscape needs.


We provide mowing services to homeowners for lawns of any shape or size. Whether you’re currently too busy or simply can no longer manage this chore yourself, we offer competitive pricing that guarantees a clean, professional cut every week.

Spring/Fall cleanups

Getting ready to spruce up your yard up for summer or put it to rest for the winter? If so, let our team clear your property of any and all unwanted lawn debris before you get started.


We can deliver and or spread the finest quality mulch at the color of your choosing. No mulch job is too big or small.

Weed control

Our professional staff is PA-licensed in herbicides and pesticides to ensure your lawn is maintained at the highest degree of quality throughout the year.

Low-voltage lighting

We are proud to offer the installation of FX LED lighting systems that included a limited lifetime warranty. These fully automated systems require minimal electricity and can be controlled via your smartphone. Whether you’re looking to accent your current landscaping, illuminate the block with seasonal cheer or even deter break-ins, we have a solution that will fit your need and budget.

Irrigation systems

We only use Hunter® irrigation supplies to ensure you are purchasing some of the most dependable systems in today’s market. In addition to installs that cover any range of square footage, as well as various other service needs throughout the season, we also offer equipment turn-ons in the spring and shutdowns in the fall.

Sod installation

We purchase the finest quality sod from Sporting Valley Sod in Lancaster, PA, which offers several different grass blends to suit different environments. We can install sod for any square footage, including patch work.


We use Cambridge pavers protected with ArmorTec® to create the hardscaping project of your dreams. From patios, retaining walls and pathways to fireplaces, mailboxes and outdoor kitchen/living areas, we offer a limited lifetime warranty for the ArmorTec® pavors that can be transferred to the next homeowner.

Landscape design & installation

Our professional team can map out your landscape visions — transforming bare ground into natural, flourishing designs.


Tired of that pesky area where grass refuses to grow? Sick of spreading hay across your newly planted grass only to have it blow down the road the next day? If so, you’re not alone, which is why we offer hydroseeding services that takes the mess and frustration out of growing grass. Whether it’s a full lawn installation or a few spots across your otherwise manicured lawn, our seed is sprayed on with water and tack to ensure it stays in place — deteriorating into the soil as the new grass grows and matures.

Light-duty excavation

Need someone to re-grade your lawn for proper drainage or prep an area for a shed pad? We can do either with our light-duty excavating services.

Holiday lighting

Let our team tackle the display and teardown of your holiday lighting on those cold winter days so you can enjoy some quality time with your family.

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Stahr Landscaping, LLC

Stahr Landscaping offers mowing services, landscape design, hardscaping and snow removal for the surrounding central Pennsylvania region. Our company puts great pride in providing our customers with outstanding services at reasonable prices.

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